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One for the ladies...

OK, so I started writing a few blogs about what you should and shouldn’t be doing if you want to get into modelling and I got bombarded with messages and emails with lots more questions. This got me thinking…

I’m sick to death of you girls getting a rough deal when you decide that this career path might be for you. Apart from having to deal with suspect photographers and rogue agencies, there are precious few places for you to go to learn how to protect yourself, how to promote yourself AND HOW TO ACTUALLY MODEL. Modelling is a job, just like any other – if you don’t know how to do something, nobody’s going to employ you. I need somebody to take about three feet off some trees in my garden but I won’t be asking butchers or car mechanics for quotes any time soon.

So, if I was to say to you that I’m thinking of putting on dedicated modelling workshops, would you be interested? I will be bringing in some of the UK’s finest independent models to take you through your paces and to give you a fighting chance of getting your careers off the ground. There are way too many fools in this game and I want to help you fight your way through all the crap and set you on your way. Nobody’s born knowing everything, and this is no different. Would you know how to position your hands, how to hold your head, or if you were creeping or mothing ? Could you tell if the photographer was using the wrong lens or framing you badly? What’s the difference between a manager and an agent? Why should you ditch the fake tan? I want you to know the answers to questions like this, and a whole load more.

Why do I want to do this? I have a good friend who is set on this career and as much as I’d like to think so(!), I don’t have all the answers. I want her to be safe, productive and most of all, educated. Like I said, you girls get the rough end of the wedge and quite frankly, it pisses me off. If I had a daughter who wanted to get into this game, I’d be very concerned, knowing what I know about the industry. As a photographer, I get to see both the good and the bad sides of this game, and I want to do something about the bad bits, it’s as simple as that.

It wouldn’t be free, though. To get a respected, established, internationally published model to come and run a workshop for you will cost money, so will a venue (and the catering – yes, you’ll get fed!) Naturally, parents/relatives would be more than welcome to join you, so they get to ask their own questions. Either way, the price will be kept as low as possible; I realise that money may be an issue, especially for you younger ladies, and there’d be no point in doing this if it was out of your reach.

So there we have it, my little plan to help you. Go back to my Facebook post and let me know what you think, I’ll be grateful for all your feedback. You can also message me from my page if you have any further questions or you can contact me via this website – just click on the contact button and send me an email.

NB At the moment, this is only applicable to female models, as the workshops will be led by female models.